To the ladies who love their boybands and are keeping it real…

Tried this ramen-rice combo recipe, after learning it from my fave mukbanger. Not exactly the healthiest meal, but we can use some comfort food and guilty pleasures every now and then to soothe our soul.

I made my Ma co-host an imaginary cooking show with BTS Taehyung. They taught the recipe for Soy Sauce Egg Rice’ (ganjang gyeran bap in Korean). Not too long ago, Taehyung hyped up the dish on a fansite. Which suddenly turned this humble comfort food into a superstar. Since my mum has been cooking ‘Soy Sauce Egg Rice’ for the longest time, I felt that she deserves to be credited for making her version a satisfying tummy-filler.

DISCLAIMERS: Cutout pictures of BTS’ V/Kim Taehyung — source: BigHit Entertainment. Cutout pictures of Tata and RJ (BT21 characters) — source: Line Friends…

I’ve not had a peaceful night’s sleep since the lockdown started. I spent my nights, marinating in a stew of worry and regret, and guilt. Guilt for being so self-absorbed and for harbouring murderous thoughts about my audiophile of a neighbour, whose way of coping is to show off his eclectic music taste to anyone who could listen (which means me), through his very loud speakers. Hey man, I got the message — you’re Cool Dude because you listen to psychedelic rock, gangsta rap and jazz. …

Celebrating the perfect union between egg and luncheon meat. One of mum’s go-to recipes. The perfect comfort food for troubling times.

Lim Wee Ling

A writer. A fangirl. A human being trying to stay afloat during this chaotic time.

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